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welcome to listen to dave perkins.


When I was 13, I put down $35 at a pawnshop on Philadelphia’s South Street and took home a Harmony arch-top guitar (painted sparkle gold).  When I bought the guitar it was not with aspirations of becoming a great player.  It was more about self-expression and trying to write songs.  A decade and several guitars later, however, I developed enough skill that folks began to see me as a “guitarist.”  Since then, I have enjoyed the privilege of recording and/or performing with a number of America’s great popular music makers.  Bluegrass and swing with fiddle-maestro Vassar Clements, Texas renegade-country with Jerry Jeff Walker, singer-songwriter pop with Carole King, alternative rock with Chagall Guevara, Americana with Guy Clark, blues and jazz with violinist Papa John Creach, reggae with Mystic Meditations, alt-pop with Over the Rhine, and industrial hard-core with Passafist—those are just a few of the memorable episodes in my musical story.  There were also the occasional odd jobs, such as accompanying Ray Charles on his “3/4 Time” video.   For more of my story, please visit the “Bio” page.  If you are interested in my recordings see “Music.” For upcoming live performances and current events, see “News.”


I thank you for your interest.  And, again, welcome!