New Music – “Throwaway People”


Becoming who we become 
is sometimes shaped by individuals
who show us something 
by which to measure ourselves. 


Coming Soon From Dave Perkins

Local Life

A Musical Memoir

Local Life was put on hold to facilitate Dave’s writing and recording for Chagall Guevara.  On the heels of the band’s release of “The Last Amen” and “Halcyon Days,” Local Life is now scheduled for release in early 2023.  With Local Life, Dave Perkins again proves himself the kind of artist who never stops reaching for greater heights of conceptual, emotional, and technical excellence.  More than anything, it is the storytelling aspect of Local Life–the stories within the story–that make this collection of songs rewarding and memorable.  “Trees of Haddonfield,” “Mist of Time,” “Throwaway People.” and “Blue Diamonds Dream (Georgia Girls)” are vignettes in the story of a life lived through the love of music.  These songs are available now on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms. 


Singles available now on Spotify!

Guy Clark, Dave Perkins, Jerry Jeff Walker

We’ve lost a lot of good souls in the past couple of years—two songwriting heroes among them, Guy Clark and Jerry Jeff Walker.  This track is a tribute and a thank you for sharing with me their love of song.  “That Old Time Feeling” was Guy’s song but Jerry Jeff performed it, too.  I had the honor of playing it numerous times with one or the other (and occasionally both, as in the photo).  When Guy performed the song he tapped into a deep existential well—still, melancholy waters.  Jerry Jeff, on the other hand, made the song dance a slow old timer’s shuffle, and he pushed the sad irony through the ceiling.  I miss them both.